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PokePotential Mini #1: Hermit Crab homes created by Aki Inomata

These hermit crab homes, designed by artist Aki Inomata would be great inspiration for a design for a Pokemon based on hermit crabs.

Imagine a hermit crab Pokemon with a sand castle on its back.  When exposed to a Thunder Stone, or after a battle where the Pokemon takes a hit from Thunderbolt, it evolves into a new Pokemon with a glass castle for a home.

This is inspired by Fulgurite, which is a rare silica glass formation that occurs when lightning strikes sand.

The photos are © Aki Inomata, and the source can be found here.

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Well… let’s be positive, if it came out the trick

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Sting like a Killer Bee

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I love Cofagrigus, because he’s cool and scary.

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Glee Season 1 image

Glee Season 2 image

Glee Season 3 image

Glee Season 4  image

Glee Season 5  image

Glee Season 6  image

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