Hmm, my lack of drawing equals #Art fix results. 10 hours of coloring fun time to finish off @gfillonramos’ commission piece. Thanks for letting me carry out your idea of all of the water #Pokémon starters in their respective evo-hoodies dancing. I always end up adding my own flare to things, so with that said, it had to be a #Breakdance #Cypher. Pun intended. Off to go conquer my liberal studies. Jeez I can lose myself easily. #Crayola #Illustration

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I still have this clothing line’s site favorited for when I can finally afford my post-Apocalyptic cyberpunk wardrobe.

Their clothes are expensive as fuck to be looking so damn raggedy.

ah yes the aesthetic

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Life’s a bitch, now so am I.

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This version <3

Black is the boss now …

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Do the magic!

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